Dackotah Montgomery

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Katelyn also attended Le Sueur-Henderson high schools in Le Sueur. A Junior at LSH she passed away suddenly following sledding accident on New Year’s Eve 12-31-13. Katelyn was very active in her community where she enjoyed singing in the church choir, participating youth group and helping with Sunday school. 

Katelyn enjoyed sports and was a Tennis Team Captain, Track Manager, and ran cross country. Her love of music made her a valuable member of the Marching and Pep Bands, Concert Choir and Swingin’ Sisters. Katelyn loved singing, writing songs, and playing her guitar throughout the house.

An amazing artist Katelyn used her love of music, the outdoors and passion for animals to creatively express herself. Katelyn had the most loving heart for everyone she came in contact with and was committed to serving others.

She was a soft-hearted young lady who was always there for anyone that needed a friend no matter what she had going on - she always put them first :-).

Katelyn had a beautiful life in store for her and so many wonderful plans after she graduated! Katelyn will forever be in our hearts and missed more than words can EVER describe!

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Our “Angels” will be forever remembered and honored through this scholarship foundation. Each girl had composure, maturity and grace well beyond their years.  Taken far too soon, we will cherish the memories and hope through these memorial scholarships to inspire others at LSH to emulate them through achievement, creativity, artistry and accomplishment.  


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Dackotah attended Le Sueur-Henderson (LSH) High Schools in Le Sueur.  She was to graduate from LSH, June 1st, 2014 when died in a single car rollover accident November 14, 2013.  A spirited and loving young lady, life involved the “right way”, the “wrong way” and the “Dackotah way”. Intelligent and strong, Dackotah had the dream of going to law school to become a lawyer.  

She was always there for anyone who needed her, whether to just listen and console, or to wisely advise.  She loved to take her brother and her sister (or anyone else for that matter) to the park, pool or on an adventure. 

Dackotah loved camping, fishing, tubing,music, hanging out with her friends, helping out on a special friend’s farm, practicing shooting her bow and arrow, family trips to the Wisconsin Dells, the Kansas City Speedway, McGregor, MN, Canada and most every other travel location.  

She will always be remembered for her bright blue eyes and huge engaging smile.  She was loved by all and truly missed.